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SIMBA Wireless@SG Terms and Conditions of Use 

SIMBA Telecom Pte Ltd (SIMBA) 

SIMBA Wireless@SG (Service) 

SIMBA Subscriber/ SIMBA Wireless@SG Hotspot User (Consumer) 

The Service 

1. SIMBA Telecom Pte. Ltd (SIMBA) is an appointed Infocommunications Media Development Authority (IMDA) Wireless@SG Operator. The Wireless@SG Programme (Wireless@SG) is administered by IMDA with the aim of providing free, secure Wi-Fi Service in public space, in collaboration with venue owners and service operators. (https://go.gov.sg/ConnectWSGx) 

2. SIMBA’s Wireless@SG Service (Service) allows Consumers unlimited Wi-Fi Services at the prevailing downlink access and uplink access speeds on its Network. The Service commences on 31st December 2020 and is offered without charge to SIMBA’s subscribers only. 

3. The Service Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with SIMBA’s Standard Terms and Conditions (https://www.simba.sg/terms), SIMBA’s Privacy Policy (https://www.simba.sg/data-protection-notice), and any other documents as SIMBA may issue from time to time. 

4. SIMBA reserves the right to and may at its sole and absolute discretion reject any application by Consumer for the Service without providing Consumer any reasons whatsoever for the rejection. 

5. The Service is provided on an “As-Is” basis and SIMBA makes no representations or warranties of performance. All representations and warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of performance, fitness for a particular purpose intended by Consumer are disclaimed. Consumer accepts that that the Service’s signal strength may vary or fail altogether due to certain factors which are not within SIMBA's control, including, but not limited to, building structure, building material, natural or artificial barriers, electrical or electromechanical interference and/or weather conditions. SIMBA shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such interference or failure. SIMBA does not warrant that the Service will be provided uninterrupted or free from errors or that any identified defect will be corrected. 

6. The Service Terms and Conditions may be further amended, varied, modified, supplemented and/or replaced by SIMBA at its sole and absolute discretion from time to time, and the updated versions will be made available at SIMBA’s website. (https://www.simba.sg/) 

7. Consumer shall be bound by the amended terms and conditions. In any event, if Consumer continues to use the Service after such notice, Consumer shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments. 

8. The Service may be modified or continued at any time, for whatsoever reason, with or without the giving of notice, and without any liability to Consumer. 

9. For better security, Consumer with devices that support SSA and EAP-SIM are advised to use these authentication mechanisms as their preferred login method. 

Consumer Obligations 

10. In consideration of SIMBA’s provision of the Service, Consumer agrees as follows: 

(i) Consumer shall comply with the Service registration and application procedure prior to using the Service including express and unequivocal acceptance of Service Terms and Conditions; 

(ii) Consumer shall use the Service in accordance to the Service Terms and Conditions; and shall not use the Service in in violation of any laws or regulations applicable from time to time; or to use the Service in any manner deemed inappropriate by SIMBA; or use the Service that causes interference with other users' reasonable access to and use of the Service; 

(iii) Consumer shall not use the Service nor cause any other person(s) to use the Service to access the following materials: a. Websites that the community regards as offense e or harmful to Singapore’s racial and religious harmony, or against national interests; b. Websites which promote, facilitate or advertise remote gambling; and c. Pornographic websites. 

(iv) Consumer shall not use the Service nor cause any other person(s) to use the Service to carry out any illegal transactions or engage in unauthorized or illegal activities including but not limited to cybercrimes under the Misuse of Computer Act (Cap 50A), offences under the Penal Code (Cap. 22), and doxxing under the Protection from Harassment Act; and unlicensed moneylending activities illegal money lending activities under the Moneylenders Act (Cap 188). 

(v) Consumer shall not use the Service nor cause any other person(s) to use the Service to do any of the following: a. Send bulk unsolicited emails to other person(s); b. send email(s) that conceals its sender, that contains invalid or forged headers or domain names or deceptive addressing; c. receive responses from bulk unsolicited email sent, even if not sent via the service; d. relay email from a third party’s mail server without consent; e. collect or harvest screen names or email addresses of others for the purpose of sending unsolicited emails or for exchange; f. send large or numerous emails with the purpose of disrupting another’s computer or account; g. send email that may damage or affect the performance of the recipient’s computer; h. persistently send email without reasonable cause or for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person; and i. subscribe anyone to a mailing list or similar service without his permission. 

(vi) Consumer shall protect the secrecy of his/her assigned login User ID and Password at all times; 

(vii) Consumer shall not use any SSIDs associated with Wireless@SG (i.e. “Wireless@SG and Wireless@SGx”) as your own personal hotspot name. 

(viii) Consumer agrees that agrees to protect, indemnity and hold SIMBA harmless from and against any or all damages, losses, liabilities, costs, claims and reasonable expenses SIMBA may suffer by reason of liability or loss or damage SIMBA may suffer if any of the above conditions are breached. 

SIMBA’s Obligations 

11. SIMBA shall not be liable to Consumer for any loss, liability, costs and/or damage whatsoever (whether direct, indirect or consequential) in respect of any matter howsoever arising (whether in tort, negligence or otherwise) in connection with the provision and/or use of the Service. 

12. SIMBA reserves the right to terminate Consumer's account at any time due to breach or non-compliance of any Service Terms and Conditions referred to above which are applicable and binding on Consumer at all times. 

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